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Offering our 5 star real estate brokerage services just at a new location. Stop by for a cup of coffee or tea and say hello.  Let's talk about your real estate goals.  

The current real estate market requires an experienced broker with a proven track record. Andrew J. Markowitz Team has serviced all sectors of the real estate market from the first time renter to the experienced developer looking to capitalize on their next real estate endeavor.  

Andrew J Markowitz Real Estate, LLC can assist you with a variety of real estate services, such as helping buyers to find their next investment property or home, assisting sellers in selling their home or investment property and getting the most money for them, renting your home or investment property and management of real estate investments! (Condo's, muti- family homes or buildings.)

Are you looking to buy NYC real estate? Feel free to search for properties on our website and email us for more information on any particular listing. Are you looking for something very specific or for an investment property? Please let us assist you find your next property by completing our VIP Home Request form. We will send you listings that match your criteria as soon as we get them.

Are you selling real estate in NYC's 5 boroughs or Long Island? Our team has the experience, professional expertise and integrity to make your next real estate transaction pleasurable and stress-free.

If you have further questions about the NYC or Long Island real estate markets, please don't hesitate to call Andrew J Markowitz Real Estate at (646) 688-5009 or send an email.

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Some Previous Sales Include:

 Co-op's/ Condo's

11 Prince Street: 1bd/1bth

  350 Bleecker Street: 1bd/1bth

250 Mercer Street: 1bd/1bt

385 First Avenue: 1bd/1bth

305 E 24th Street: 2bd/2.5bth

200 E 24th Street: 2bd/2bth

200 E 24th Street: 1bd/1bth

201 E 22nd Street: 1bd/1bth

301 E 22nd Street: 1bd/1bth

139 East 33rd Street: 2bd/1bth

139 East 33rd Street: 0bd/1bth

 245 East 35th Street: 1bd/1bth

240 E 41st Street: 2bd/2bth

333 E 43rd Street 1bd/1bth

304-324 East 41st Street 0bd/1bth

435 W 23rd Street: 0bd/1bth

300 W 53rd Street: 2bd/2bth

205 W 54th Street: 1bd/1bth

205 W 54th Street: 1bd/1bth

  314 West 56th Street: 0bd/1bth

100 W 57th Street: 2bd/2bth

230 Central Park South: 3bd/2.5bth

230 Central Park South: 1bd/1bth

230 Central Park South: 1bd/1bth

243 West End Avenue: 0bd/1bth

River Side Drive: 2bd/2.5bth

333 E 75th Street: 2bd/1bth

340 E 80th Street: 3bds/3bths 

510 E 80th Street: 2bd/1.5bth

55 East End Avenue: 2bd/2bths 

340 E 80th Street: 3bds/3bths 

203 E 89th Street: 0bd/1bth

203 E 89th Street: 0bd/1bth

203 E 89th Street: 0bd/1bth

205 E 89th Street: 0bd/1bth

515 East 89th Street: 2bd/1bth

515 East 89th Street: 0bd/ 1bth 

515 E 89th Street: 4bd/ 2bth 

1601 Third Avenue: 2bd/2bth

1725 York Avenue: 1bd/1.5bth

1725 York Avenue: 1bd/ 1.5bth

1270 Fifth Avenue: 3bd/2bth

1270 Fifth Avenue: 1bd/1bth

45 Overlook Terrace: 1bd/1bth

22 N 6th Street: 1bd/1bth

22 N 6th Street: 1bd/1bth

22 N 6th Street: 1bd/1bth

 735 Bergen Street: 1bd/1bth

657 East 26th Street: 2bds/2bths

2190 Brigham Street: 1bd/1bth 

2140 Knapp Street: 2bds/2bths 

2251 Plumb 1st Street: 1bd/1bth 

2209 Knapp Street: 3bds/1bth

2271 Knapp Street: 2bds/1bth 

11-02 49th Avenue: 2bds/2bths

76-12 35th Avenue: 1bd/1bth

147-10 84th RD: 2bds/1bth 

Townhouses/ Buildings

6124 18th Avenue: Mixed Use Bldg

184 Maple Street: 4 bds/2bths 

526 Putnam Avenue: Mutli-Family

87-36 77th Street: 6bds/2.5bths 

1680 East 21st Street: 2Family 5bd/2.5bth

 30 West End Avenue, House #5: 3bds/1bth

1456 East 23rd Street:  4bd/2.5bth

2042 E 72nd Street: 3bd/2bth 

 301 Eltingville Boulevard: 3bd/2bth

565 Alabama Avenue: 2 Family 6bd/3bth 

326 Beach 90th Street: 2bds/1bth 

92-15 71st Avenue: 4bd/2.5bth

71-77 71st Street: 2 Family 5bds/3bths 

922 Southern Drive: 3bd/2.5bths

11 Brookfield Rd: 5bds/3bths  

63 Evergreen Ave: 6bds/3bths 

 178 Lincoln Ave: 3bds/3bths

 3 Seneca Pl: 5bds/3bths


Andrew J Markowitz

Offering our 5 star real estate brokerage services just at a new location. Stop by for a cup of coffee or tea and say hello. Let's talk about your real estate goals.

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